Club Day 2019-2020

Club Day was held this Friday, September 13th! Club Day is an annual event where students set up booths in the school yard advertising their clubs to their peers. This year, 64 clubs participated in the event. Out on the blacktop, students had the opportunity to join as many clubs as their hearts desired (or … Continue reading Club Day 2019-2020


Tropical Day

Friday, August 30th was Tropical Day, the first Spirit Day of the 2019-2020 school year! Students donned tropical-themed clothing, such as Hawaiian shirts, board shorts, sundresses, and leis. Here are some of the many students who participated in Tropical Day: Juniors Tess Carlson (left), Audrey Bell (inset), and Malena Bell Junior Ava Trilling Juniors Alexander … Continue reading Tropical Day

Review on “Us”: Jordan Peele’s Latest Horror Movie Views A Horrifying New Reality

Jordan Peele, Director of 2016’s thrilling and suspenseful movie Get Out, just released a movie that questions our psychology and the trust we have in others. Us is about a seemingly average family who spend their summer vacation in Santa Cruz, and are soon confronted and attacked by people called “The Tethered.” “The Tethered” are … Continue reading Review on “Us”: Jordan Peele’s Latest Horror Movie Views A Horrifying New Reality

Stevie Wonder: Black History Month Feature

Stevland Hardaway Judkins, better known by his stage name Stevie Wonder, was born on May 13, 1950 in Saginaw, Michigan to Lula Mae Hardaway and Calvin Judkins. Because he was born prematurely, Wonder developed retinopathy of prematurity, which resulted in permanent vision loss. However, this did not prevent him from becoming one of the most … Continue reading Stevie Wonder: Black History Month Feature