Album Review: This Is All Yours

British band Alt-J has just released their second album, This Is All Yours. After their astronomical rise after their first album, An Awesome Wave, Alt-J does not disappoint with their sophomoric album. This album has more atmospheric elements juxtaposed with Miley Cyrus samples and groovy guitar riffs. While the album and many songs in it are continuations of An Awesome Wave, the new album also brings new concepts to the table. The journey to Nara (in Japan) is a reoccurring theme in the album, as well. This album is arguably more beautiful than their first, but also, in some ways, more eclectic. While an acquired taste, Alt-J and This Is All Yours is highly recommended.

Highlights/Favorite Songs: Nara, Hunger of the Pine (how can you resist a Miley Cyrus sample?),Warm Foothills, Pusher, and Bloodflood, Pt. II

On October 20, I will be attending the Alt-J concert and will hopefully have updates reviewing that as well!

Rating: 4.3 stars

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