Softball Team Crash


Baseball/softball are my favorite sports. That is why it saddened me to find out that on Friday, September 26th, a trailer hit a bus that belonged to the softball team from North Central Texas College (Associated Press). This event killed four softball players (Associated Press). How devastating!

It is noticed that what was hit hard were the left and right sides of the bus (Associated Press). Two of the females killed were twenty years of age, while the other two were nineteen years old and eighteen years old (Associated Press). These girls were so young! This makes this event be more depressing because they were girls a little over the age of high school students like us.

The drivers will have to have an exam done to see if there were any sorts of drugs involved in this incident (Associated Press). If there were, this illustrates one of the many examples of why people should not be driving not only themselves, but other people, while not in the best conditions.

I will sure pray for them and their families as well. I hope nothing like this ever happens again, especially to people of such a young age.

Works Cited

Associated Press. “North Texas College softball bus crash leaves four dead.” USA Today, 27 Sept. 2014,



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