The Pixar Theory

Every child has seen at least one Pixar movie growing up. Whether it was Toy Story, Cars, or Finding Nemo, Pixar movies have always been a classic in American households. Within the last year or so, something called the Pixar Theory has been buzzing around social media. The Pixar Theory states the fact that all the Pixar movies ever made are within the same universe, but in different time periods.


The story starts with Brave, when a certain kind of magic is discovered where animals and inanimate objects can become human-like. The theory goes on to The Incredibles, in which machines start showing human-like qualities. The sequence continues with Finding Nemo, where it is explained that fish, and other animals, are starting to carry more human-like characteristics. The theory extends to Toy Story, where the toys are actually alive. Then, the theory applies to Ratatouille, where Remy the Rat strives to be a part of the human population. After that, the theory explains that in Up, the same company that made Carl give up his house was the same company that polluted the Earth in Wall-E, Buy ‘n’ Large. In between the time Up took place and when Wall-E occurred, the theory explains that when the humans leave Earth in Wall-E, the machines, which now have advanced to have human characteristics seen in The Incredibles, have been left behind to populate the world. We know that Cars takes place on Earth because in Cars 2, they travel to Japan and Europe.


The theory stretches out even further, and ends with Monsters Inc. It is believed that Boo from Monsters Inc is in fact the witch from Brave! Crazy, right? I thought that the Pixar Theory was so interesting, I had to share it. If it got a little confusing for you, there’s a whole website dedicated to the theory (and it has evidence, too). You can find the whole Pixar Theory here! Side note: Several people who support the Pixar theory have reached out to some workers for Pixar, and the Pixar theory has been denied several times by the company. But it looks pretty convincing to me, what do you think?

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