Will Humans of New West be the Future of New West’s Social Networking?

New West is a small school; there’s no denying it. Because of it’s small size, most would assume that it’s social media presence is small. However, as of late, it’s social media presence is growing.

Official social network pages exist, such as Student Government’s Twitter, New West’s Instagram, and New West Press’ Facebook. But unofficial pages have seized to exist. Until now. On September 27, 2014, Humans of New West came on our radar via Instagram with this photo.

“What has been the happiest moment of your life so far?” “When I became a king”
“What has been the happiest moment of your life so far?” “When I became a king”

The caption? “What has been the happiest moment of your life so far?” “When I became a king”

The high quality photo and the somewhat inspiring caption, following in the footsteps of Humans of New York, has caught New West students’ eyes. Although the account has only existed for a day, it has surpassed Student Government’s Twitter in terms of followers. The content and follower count suggest that this Instagram has potential and may become one of the most talked about social networks on campus.

Elizabeth Beugg and Tess McCharen, Juniors at New West, are the owners of the Instagram. NWP reached out to Elizabeth and asked her about the future of HONW.

“I think Humans of New West will most likely stay true to its roots on Instagram for a while. Maybe in the future it could become a blog or a website, but for now Instagram is where it’s at.”

When asked about the goal of their Instagram, she answered: “Tess and I really want Humans of New West to be as real and genuine as possible. If people start asking to be photographed and preparing their answers for our questions, we lose out on the spontaneous, on the spot feeling that we are trying to achieve. We basically roam the halls at lunch and recess and shout at people who look like they might have something to say.”

“Humans of New West is about the humans of New West. I think that [our instagram] is an interesting way to get to know people at school that you maybe would just pass in the hallways and never give a second thought. There is so much we don’t know and don’t understand about each other and that even one quote can open your eyes to a whole other side of someone. New West is such a small school and I think we take that for granted. We have our friends and that’s it. I think Humans of New West will bring people together and really help the community at school grow.”

What do you hope to see from Humans of New West? Tell us on Twitter!

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