Bombay Bicycle Club at The Wiltern

On Friday, my friend Jade and I saw one of my favorite bands, the English indie rock band Bombay Bicycle Club play at The Wiltern. We queued up for a good spot six hours early in the dry heat of downtown Los Angeles, but ended up being eighth in line and getting a spot at the barrier right underneath the stage which made it all worth it. The crowd was made up of mostly teenagers and twentysomethings which gave the room a large amount of energy even before the show started.

The first opening act to go up was a band called Luxely. They were full of energy (and beards) and really got the crowd involved. The singer was constantly dancing around the stage and interacting with the crowd. Next up was the five-piece band called Milo Greene. They had a much slower sound with a lot of different instruments and almost every member sang a song which made each song sound very unique.

When it was finally time for Bombay Bicycle Club to come on, the crowd went wild. They opened up with the first track on their new album, Overdone. The feedback from the crowd seemed to surprise them a little bit and they kept smiling through every song. Later Jack Steadman, the lead singer told us, “you’re the best crowd we’ve had in such a long time”. They played all of their hit songs such as Shuffle, Luna and Always Like This. As well as some of their slower ones such as So Long, See You Tomorrow and Whenever, Wherever.

After the concert was over, Jade and I took some pictures with members of Luxely and Milo Greene who were milling around the crowd of people outside the stage area. Then we both bought t-shirts and headed outside. We went around to the back of the venue and waited for them to come out with a group of about 20 other people. When they finally all came out, they were all very kind. They signed and took pictures with everyone that was there, and since a lot of people left after getting their pictures Jade and I were able to talk to the members of the band for a while. We left with the biggest smiles on our faces thinking the night could not have gone any better.


Check out Bombay Bicycle Club:

Milo Greene:


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