Go Kings Go: The 2015 Season & The Story of a Non-Bandwagoner

On October 8, 2014, the Los Angeles Kings raised the banner, establishing that they are the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Of course, as a spectator and non-bandwagoner, I was extremely excited to see the Kings play the San Jose Sharks on opening night, after whipping them in the playoffs. However, after attending the season opener to the Kings season on October 8th, I was crushed. 4-0, in favor of the Sharks. How disgusting. And, deepening my sadness, the Kings lost the following game to the Coyotes. And these are our Stanley Cup Champions!

As a non-bandwonger, I remained invested in the Kings, despite the poor start to the season. Finally, the Kings won their first game of the season against the Winnipeg Jets on Sunday October 12th.

Kings Raise the Banner 2014

I attended the Kings vs Oilers game on Tuesday October 14th with the mentality that if they don’t win, I’d cry myself to sleep (like a true non-bandwagoner). Thankfully, I did not cry myself to sleep because they won 6-1. Needless to say, the game was amazing.

While at the opening game on October 8th, I discussed with a gentleman the performance of the Kings and, in particular, Jonathan Quick. When two goals were scored on Quick within 16 seconds, my hope for us winning the game vanished. While I was worrying about what the team will turn to, this man kindly helped steel me. He told me that this is the first game, which won’t predict the whole season. If the Kings are still playing like they did on October 8th in a few weeks, then maybe we should worry like I had a week or so ago. Thankfully, my faith in the Kings has been restored after their stellar performance on October 12th and their MIND BLOWING performance against the Oilers on October 14th. I can definitely see the LA Kings becoming the first back-to-back Stanley Cup Champions since 1998.

Time for a brief story. By this point, you’ve probably read the word “non-bandwagoner” a few times. Essentially, I’m trying to tell you that I am not a bandwagoner. Let me further explain why I have stressed this word that probably isn’t even a word. I’ve become a pretty hardcore fan of the Kings in the past couple of months. It all started when I got swept into the hype of the Olympics. Canada won the Gold and I was ecstatic (I’m team Canada). Once the Olympics were over and the Canadian team was no longer there for me to cheer on, I remembered our lovely city has a team. That is how I fell in love with the Kings. I have been called a bandwagoner, which I personally do not believe I am. But hey, I think it depends on how each person defines the word. Maybe I am a bandwagoner. Regardless of where I am on the bandwagoner scale, I’m certain the Kings will not disappoint the bandwagoners, non-bandwagoners, and everyone in between throughout this season.

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