Are You Too Old to Trick or Treat?

Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, is just around the corner. Since the beginning of the month, people have been decorating their houses and preparing for the spooky festivities. I have many friends who no longer go trick or treating because they believe it is just for younger kids. I wanted to explore what others thought about the age at which you become too old to dress up, walk around the neighborhood, and receive candy. I went around to my peers and asked if they would be trick or treating this year and the appropriate age at which they thought kids should stop trick or treating.


9th grade girl: “I think I’m going to go trick or treating this year with my friends. I think that this may be like the last year because once I get to tenth grade I’ll be too old.”

9th grade boy: “I’m not gonna trick or treat.  Probably just hang with my friends.  I think once you hit high school, you shouldn’t trick or treat.”

10th grade girl: “Oh I am for sure going to trick or treat!  I go every year, but this is the first year I am going with my friends.  I think you can go no matter your age, just as long as you dress up.”

10th grade boy: “Nah I’m not gonna go.  I think you should stop trick or treating when you’re like in 8th grade.”

11th grade girl: “No I’m not going to go, last year was my last time.  I’m hoping someone throws a party, so I actually have something to do.  I think you can stop at any age, it just depends on the person.”

11th grade boy: “I’m gonna trick or treat.  I do it for the candy.  You can stop whenever you want.”

After interviewing 6 New West Students, one boy and one girl from each grade, I noticed that there wasn’t one specific age when people stop trick or treating.  It all depends on the person and what they like to do. This year, Halloween falls on a Friday night.  For many teens, Friday night can be the night they hang out with friends, but nothing prevents you and your friends from getting together, dressing up, and saying “Trick or Treat” one more time


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