Free To Fall by Lauren Miller

Free To Fall by Lauren Miller is the epitome of a futuristic novel, packed with thrilling suspense and a seemingly perfect romance. Set decades in the future, Rory, your average high school student, lives in a world where technology dictates decisions, and an app known as ‘Lux’ has become the puppeteer of choice and judgment. When Rory is accepted to the Thedan Academy, a prestigious school for the highly gifted, this should be the beginning of her academic future. However, due to unknown prior family endeavors, she is stuck in a world of mystery, trying connect dots that are far from lining up. Rory is placed in an impossible situation, and as the audience, you can only hope she succeeds.

The novel, Free to Fall, is an astonishingly clever book with a plot line that will leave you wanting more at every turn of the page. Always expect the unexpected, for this story will continue to shock you, venturing to new and compelling places.  I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to be transported into another world of excitement. This book will keep the reader at the edge of their seat ready to tag along in a journey with the main characters themselves. Although the story is a bit of a read, it is hardly noticeable when the reader is so captivated, feeling apart of an other virtual world. Miller’s novel teaches the reader that trusting oneself is more powerful and reliable than the trust we put into our everyday technology. I would recommend this book for ages fourteen and up due certain content in the story.

By: Marilyn Morris

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