LA’s Transportation System is Growing: Get excited.

Most Angelenos can agree that the transportation system in LA is not fantastic, especially for those who live on the Westside. Basically, if you don’t have a car or Uber in LA, you’re out of luck. I find that traveling to other cities can make me extremely envious because of their superb transportation systems. Don’t even get me started on London’s transportation system. However, LA’s horrible transportation system is going to majorly change for the better.

Metro is expanding the Expo Line, which currently goes from Culver City to Downtown Los Angeles in under thirty minutes. With the expansion of the train line, for $1.75, one can travel from Santa Monica Beach to Downtown Los Angeles in just over forty-five minutes. To anyone who has had to put up with LA traffic, that’s amazing. And, with more relevance, a New West student can hop on the train a short three blocks away from the school.

Metro Train Line Expansions

The train route is currently under construction. According to the Expo Line website and the Metro website, the line will begin system testing in 2015 and will be open in early 2016. As an enthusiast of public transportation, this makes me extremely excited! But this isn’t the only line to be excited about.

The Purple Line, which currently travels from Union Station to Wilshire & Western, is expanding. This year, construction began on the Purple Line to expand it to Wilshire & La Cienega. In addition, the Purple Line has been approved to expand past Wilshire & La Cienega to the VA Hospital in Westwood, which means there will be a stop at UCLA. The bad news is that Metro projects the line won’t be fully finished until 2035.

Regardless of the fact that we must wait a few years for the expansions, there is actually a quite intricate train system in LA that most people on the Westside are oblivious to. Check out the map below and educate yourself on Los Angeles’ trains!

Metro Train Map 2014

Where are you gonna go once these train lines are finished? Tell us in the comments below.

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