Once Upon A Time – What Happens Next?

By Nicole Mendoza and Angelica Means

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Last season of Once Upon A Time ended with a chilling surprise. Hook and Emma had the date of a lifetime (well, we like to view it as a date), but unwittingly messed everything up. If you want to read a more in-depth recap (because this one was super vague and general and doesn’t describe at all anything) here’s a fun link:


Season 4 of the beloved show premiered Sunday September 28th, with 9.3 million people tuning in to watch.

In the season premiere, Elsa made her debut and took Storybrook by storm. She is on the hunt to find Anna, who had went missing while traveling to the Enchanted Forest. However, her mission is not going well so far. If you missed the crazy hijinks of the premiere, check out this link for a recap!


This episode left the viewers with tons of questions, which we will do our best to answer. (N = Nicole, and A = Angelica)

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 5.30.16 PMWhat do you think will happen between Emma and Killian?

N: Personally, I ADORE Captain Swan, so I’m praying they can work things out. However, it might take a couple episodes. Emma is very guarded, and after her up and down relationship with Neal, I think she’ll be reluctant to let anyone in.

A: Ugh, if they use the excuse that they are both too independent, that would be very lazy writing. They have independent moments, but people who need to be strong and courageous for everybody also need a place where they can let their walls down and set down the weight on their shoulders. I think if they let it happen, Hook and Emma could be each other’s safe place. I do realize it might take them a bit to get to this conclusion, but I wish it could just happen now because I ship it. They are literally the Jolly Roger of all ships. Emma needs time to let her guard down. I worry that because Hook has already done that and more (so much more, like a heart-breaking amount of more) that he might give up on her… ha ha no, he is way too in love to give up on that girl. I need them to happen for real now, not like some cheap, here’s a compliment, here’s a kiss, okay you should be good for the next few episodes thing. They can make it work.

Who do you think wrote the book of fairy tales?!

N: This question has haunted me for years! While I could throw out random names to try and display some semblance of knowledge, it will probably be a character we haven’t met yet. This person needs to be all powerful, so perhaps some witch or wizard waiting in the wings.

A: Honestly I hadn’t really thought a lot about that before they mentioned it. I guess I just sort of accepted this was a thing. Ugh, now they are actually going to make me think about that, as if I didn’t think enough about this show. I’m going to go the obvious route and say the Grimm Brothers, but in the show they’d probably be made super powerful and all seeing and probably time travelers too. I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with the magic hat with Rumple at the end. Maybe the author was Merlin. Wouldn’t it be crazy if it were written by Emma or someone in the future then sent back in time. That would be insane… that should happen.


Do you think Marian could ever accept Regina?

N: Probably not. Marian seems like a bitter person, and Regina did try to have her killed in the Enchanted Forest. Even after Regina saved her life from Marshmallow, Marian barely offered any kind of recognition or thanks. I wish she would go join Pinocchio and drop off the face of the Earth.

A: Mariam made me so mad. Like I get it, she was evil, but she isn’t anymore. She has friends, family, love, and almost complete happiness. And then Mariam comes back, steals her bae and calls her a monster, then begs to be saved by Regina, gets saved by Regina, then goes “Oh maybe you aren’t a monster anymore”. Maybe. Regina could have left you to the marshmallow thing and gotten you out of the way, but no, she’s a good person now (hopefully it will stay this way). Sorry for the rant. Anyway, Mariam seems really bitter, she may never fully accept Regina (even though she should because that is not an enemy you want).


Will Regina be successful in changing her fate, and will she get back together with Robin?  Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 5.35.46 PM

N: First, I think it’s going to be incredibly difficult to find the author of the book. And even if they do manage to find him/her, he/she seems pretty set on the idea of Robin and Marian together. (I don’t know why, because I totally ship ‘Outlaw Queen.’) Also, it is likely the writer would have enormous power, and no problem fighting Regina to keep her from messing with his/her OTP.

A: I just want Regina to be happy. After all she’s gone through and all the pain, she deserves to be happy. However, whether or not she succeeds, she’s going to have a hard time. Whoever the author is (future character maybe (; ) they aren’t going to give up easily. I mean, Regina almost lost to the Wicked Witch, the author has got to be more powerful (maybe future Emma… ). I really ship her with honestly anyone that makes her happy at this point, I don’t if that will end up being Robin though. Maybe the author expects this, they always have everything planned out.


How much more of Regina’s bossyness do you think Sidney can take?

N: I think Sidney is almost to his limit at this point. He hates being back in the mirror, and not to mention Regina had him locked up in the asylum for months, if not years! Sidney was already beginning to show resistance at the end of the episode, when he refused to respond to the name ‘Mirror.’ He has to realize that Regina will never love him back, and I think he will definitely lash out at her or Robin when it finally sinks in.

A: I feel so sorry for Sidney. He so hopelessly in love with Regina, he even helps her get back her love. Poor guy. But he’s starting to change, like Nicole said. He may use this to ruin Regina’s plan. Also, the mirror represents Regina’s time as an evil queen and I really don’t want her to revert to that after all the character development. Maybe Sidney will lash out at Regina and make her realizes she needs to stop before she does anything she regrets. I don’t think he’ll be able to handle Regina the more he stays with her and realizes her true feelings and thoughts. Regina mustn’t forget, break a mirror and that’s seven years of bad luck.


Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 5.38.36 PMWhat will Rumpelstiltskin do with the sorcerers hat?

N: Gah, this hat threw me for a loop! We know Rumpelstiltskin loves magical items, so he might just play around with it and find out what it can do. Zelena is already dead, so he doesn’t really have a big motive to kill anyone… at least right now. It will probably play a large role in someone’s downfall later in the show, and it might be used to defeat Elsa.

A: Dude, that was kind of random. At first, I thought it was Merlin’s hat, but I’m not entirely sure if he’s a part of the universe… Despite that, I don’t really know what Rumple is going to do with the hat. I guess he could use it to make the dagger not kill him. Oh no, what if he uses it to bring Neal back… NO!! Rumple don’t do that! Please, no!!!!! Or maybe it won’t be bad and have something to do with who wrote the book. Yea, that’s better.

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