Stress Managment

Stress is a word we can all relate to, especially at the beginning of any year in high school.

The beginning of a new school year means dealing with a new schedule, adjusting to new classes, getting used to teacher’s systems and, the one we all dread, getting back to doing homework nightly. The list can go on and on about the inconveniences of school, but there are ways of unwinding, staying calm and in control.

In the weeks of the new school year, I have already seen classmates falling asleep in class, fighting to keep their eyes open, and taking power naps during free periods and recesses. It’s hard to have a stable schedule outside of school, and I know there are many kids with after school sports and extracurricular activities, but you can manage your time with homework by setting time goals and taking mini breaks when needed. Many times kids try to rush through three to four hours of homework without a break. You should always try to find a quiet place with no distractions to do your homework to help you concentrate. It’s best to pace yourself and set a time frame with each assignment, that way you can get the hours of sleep you need. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, a good way to relax before going to bed is stretching. Light stretching before going to bed helps your blood flow and muscles relax.

Don’t commit all your time to school because it only makes you more stressed. It’s unhealthy to think about school 24/7, you should also be thinking about your emotional health. A good way to unwind is to hang out with friends. Weekends are always a good time to make plans with  friends, whether it’s going to the beach, going to the movies or just hanging out at someone’s house. It’s easy to get caught up in school but it’s always important to have fun now and then. Remember, you’re just in high school.

Whenever you’re feeling super stressed, the easiest way to reduce it is to just get some exercise. Walking, running, or any type of exercise will help clear your mind. When you’re in any form of physical activity, your body releases endorphins which leads your body to a feeling of euphoria. It also enhances your immune system which is a plus. Even if you’re feeling really lazy and down, try to get your blood flowing with a little physical activity. Yoga is a good way to practice this. It’s also a good idea to take time out of your day to think about the things you are grateful for, even if it’s small.

Always remember that as long as you’re trying your best, you’re doing your best. Don’t beat yourself up because of one bad grade because there will always be a next time to improve. You’re only human after all, so it’s okay to mess up sometimes.


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