YASSSSS, The Bee Gees!

The Bee Gees were a pop music group formed in 1958. The group consisted of three brothers, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. For decades they have been hailed as the “Fathers of Music,” but some are skeptical. You may be wondering, why should we be screaming “YASSSSS the Bee Gees!”? I would reply with: silence. For no evidence is needed to confirm that the Bee Gees are acknowledged as the most distinguished band of the century. It is as simple as the Bee Gees are the prime example of a band! Their prowess is unmatched, their pulchritude is unrivaled and their singing capability is unparalleled. However, for those that are not swayed by my arguments so far, I shall provide irrefutable facts and evidence to support my claim that the Bee Gees are the finest band to ever exist.

For decades the Bee Gees have serenaded us with their incredible music. When I asked a few strangers what they thought of The Bee Gees, the evidence was conclusive, everyone loves the Bee Gees! The Bee Gees hit song ‘Staying Alive’ has been, deemed by those who I interviewed, the most significant song of the millennia. In fact, many argue that “Staying Alive” has contributed more to music as a whole than “Beethoven’s Fifth”. The notion that “Staying Alive” is superior to “Beethoven’s Fifth” is commonly referred to as ‘Bee Gee Theory.’

The Bee Gees were also know for their marvelous hair. Barry Gibb created the “Voluptuous mane” hairstyle as it is known is some circles. This hairstyle managed to shape the coming decades as many people adopted the look. People who adopted Barry Gibb’s hairstyle include Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt.



The Bee Gees also had an incredible style and look. For this reason, to many people the Bee Gees are known as the “Sexiest Band.”


The Bee Gees are the paradigm of a century. They changed our lives and without them we would be lost. The Bee Gees’ vocals, hair, style, and commitment to music are second to none. For these reasons we should always yell ‘YASSSSS the Bee Gees’!

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