Last Minute Halloween Costumes

With Halloween coming up within just a few days, I’m sure a lot of you are scrambling to find that perfect, last minute costume. Here are some (not so) great ideas for costumes that will blow everyone’s minds!

Cereal Killer:

Step 1: Find a shirt

Step 2: Tape some cereal boxes on the shirt

Step 3: Carry around a knife, or stick some knives in the boxes

*The use of fake blood is optional. Or you could use ketchup. Whatever works.


Whatever you want to call this:

Step 1: Find someone who willingly wants to be humiliated for the rest of their lives

Step 2: Find a bra big enough to fit the both of you

Step 3: Be prepared to not fit through doors for the rest of the night

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 10.31.04 AM

Candy Corn:

Step 1: Find a t shirt

Step 2: Dye it

Step 3: Make sure you’re not mistaken for real candy corn when you’re walking around on the streets at night



Step 1: Find a trash bag

Step 2: Put it on


If all else fails, you could always go for the classic vampire, ghost, or cat. We won’t judge you. Happy Halloween!

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