Things You Shouldn’t Do on Halloween

For some, Halloween is the best holiday. You can be whoever (or whatever) you want to be. You can eat as much candy as you want and not feel bad about it because, well, everyone else is eating as much candy as you are. Halloween is a night to let loose, but here are some guidelines to follow to keep your Halloween under control.

Trick or Treat

1. Don’t scare young children.

As a kid, there was this guy that used to ride around on his skateboard on Halloween and scare young kids. We hated it. Don’t be that guy. Side note: Don’t steal young children’s candy. That’s just not cool.

2. Don’t smoke weed.

A study recently came out from Lancet Psychiatry medical journal showing teens that regularly smoke weed are at a high risk of not graduating from high school, attempting suicide, and becoming dependent on marijuana. Keeping that in mind, don’t smoke weed this Hallow’s Eve.

3. Don’t eat Twizzlers.

Not just because they are the ugly cousin of the much more delicious candy, Redvines, but because there more than 15 ingredients on their ingredients lists. That’s a freakishly high number. One of those ingredients is “glycerin,” which is known to be used in some soaps. Think about that. Need something else to keep you away from Twizzlers? One of it’s ingredients is the dye Red-40. Red-40 has been linked to causing cancer. No more Twizzlers for me.

4. Enough with the don’ts. Do watch your favorite Halloween movie(s).

Even if you have a party to go to, watch it afterwards. Or in the afternoon. You can never go wrong with watching Halloweentown,  Fun Size, Monster House, Hocus Pocus, or all four.

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