Why #AlexFromTarget Is Iconic

#AlexFromTarget is arguably the best internet trend. Earlier this week, #AlexFromTarget took over the internet with his gorgeous looks that made nearly every teenage girl swoon. Yes, including some of the girls at New West Press. Alex, a 16 year old who works at a Target in Texas, became famous after a photo of him was posted to Twitter and spread like wildfire. Now, Alex has 677,000 Twitter followers and more than 35,000 Instagram followers.

Alex From Target Not A Target

The company Breakr, whose aim is to connect fans with their fandom, is now taking credit for the original #AlexFromTarget photo and it’s rapid rise to stardom.

Regardless of if a company was behind #AlexFromTarget, I find the #AlexFromTarget trend to be awesome. This trend highlights the power of the internet, especially among teenage girls. Plenty of teenage girls take to the internet, Twitter in particular, to express their thoughts and opinions on heartthrobs, such as Harry Styles, Ashton Irwin, etc. We see the effects of these fangirls in online polls, and hashtags. Many of these fangirls even have multiple Twitter accounts for different hotties or bands, such as 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction. It’s no wonder that #AlexFromTarget did as well as he did. The ladies of Twitter are his demographic.

My favorite part of the Internet is the part of the Internet that is capable of making a normal, but attractive kid from Texas into an international superstar overnight. The Internet is an amazing place. If the Internet can turn one photo into a household name within a matter of days, imagine what else the internet can do through retweets and reposts.

#AlexFromTarget truly showcases the Internet’s powers. Who knows, perhaps #AlexFromTarget is the beginning of an era. While it’s unlikely that #KieranFromTMobile will become the next overnight internet sensation, it’s quite plausible that someone or something else can make it big after just one post.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 4.56.37 PM

Who or what should be the next #AlexFromTarget? Tell us below!

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