“Emotional Baby” 2.0


On October 18th 2013, The Leroux family posted a very interesting video of their baby which has won the hearts of many (Leroux “Emotional Baby”). The video was titled “Emotional baby! Too cute!” and it was of the mother signing a particular song and when she began singing the song, her daughter instantly started crying (Leroux “Emotional Baby”). This goes to show that babies actually know more/have more emotions than we give them credit for. This is one of the reasons why this video has become even more popular. To this day, it has gathered more than 35 million views (Leroux “Emotional Baby”). This is certainly one of my favorite videos on Youtube.

Just if that baby didn’t seem to get enough attention as it is, the parents posted another video of the baby one year later. In this new video, posted on November 11th, 2014, the baby was watching the first video posted one year ago (Leroux “Emotional Baby’s). Since she was older, she was able to react with some words now, but overall, the baby seemed to have a hard time listening to the song without having the urge to cry. She often mentioned the word “mommy” in the new video, as if she felt pain for her mother (Leroux “Emotional Baby’s”). Again, this video may teach us that babies know more than we expect them to.



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