Starbucks: Holiday Specialty Drinks

It’s now that time of the year for wearing sweaters, decorating for the holidays, and drinking the popular holiday drinks from Starbucks. Starbucks, a well-known coffeehouse has its annual tradition of selling delicious holiday flavored drinks. There are many specialty drinks to chose from, including: eggnog, caramel brûlée, gingerbread, and peppermint mocha. This year, they came out with a new holiday flavor, chestnut praline. This drink is one that will definitely be up on the charts with their most famous flavor, pumpkin spice. It has already gotten rave reviews. Personally, my favorite drink is the peppermint mocha latte.  I love both chocolate and mint, so for me, it is the perfect combination! Probably one of my favorite things to do during the winter is drink a hot drink and sit by the fireplace. It’s so comfy and relaxing. Many people buy these drinks because they are mouthwatering, they come in a cheery cup, and they are only available once a year. I went around and asked one person from each grade if they ever purchase Starbucks holiday drinks and if so, which one is their favorite.

9th grader: “Of course I buy the drinks!  My favorite would have to be caramel brûlée because I have a major sweet tooth.”

10th grader: “Occasionally.  I mean, they aren’t around for a long time, so I try to get a few before they stop selling them.  I don’t really have a favorite holiday drink, but I like the hot chocolate.  That’s festive, right?”

11th grader: “Yes!  I love love love the holiday drinks.  Don’t judge, but I’m a total Starbucks fanatic.  I’m in love with the gingerbread latte.  It just feels like Christmas time when I drink it.”

The Starbucks holiday drinks are extremely popular and appeal to many people.  There is a flavor out there for everyone, whether you want a hint of sweetness or spice.  Make sure to try the new flavored latte before the season ends!

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