Concert Etiquette

Recently, I went to see my favorite band, The 1975 at the Hollywood Palladium. Their fanbase has grown a lot since I last saw them in April at Club Nokia so this venue was twice the size. In April the crowd was amazing; everyone was polite and no one tried to push to the front or get in someone else’s space. This made me hopeful for the concert I was about to experience, even though I had heard quite a few horror stories about the audience from people who had gone to shows before mine. What I experienced surpassed all of my wildest expectations.

Halfway into the first opening act, the lead singer came closer to the section where I was standing. This is when I started to get pushed by people behind me who were desperate for a picture of him. This constant shoving and pushing to try to get to the front row continued on for the entire concert and ruined my favorite band’s performance for me and many of the people around me. The security was absolutely useless at helping us get more comfortable so we could enjoy something we had been waiting months to see. It got so bad that it became dangerous. Way too many girls were pulled out because they had passed out, were having panic attacks or just couldn’t breathe. In order to try to prevent anyone else from enduring that horrible experience, I have put together a list of unwritten rules, well until I wrote them below,  to keep in mind the next time you want to go to a concert.


  1. DO NOT try to push to the front. The people at the front of the line have been waiting hours if not DAYS in order to get to the very front. It is not fair if you get there right before the show starts and just push your way in front of them. This is especially the case for tall people. If you want the best spot, you have to earn it.
  2. DO NOT record the entire concert. There are a hundreds of pictures and videos of the band out there. The only time you’ve ever seen the artist before is through a screen so appreciate the short time you have. Taking a few pictures or short videos is completely fine but make sure your screen isn’t blocking the view of the people behind you.
  3. DO make friends with the people around you. Having someone to help you out is extremely important. They can help you get water or make sure you are taken care of if you feel like you’re about to faint.
  4. MAKE SURE to do the same for the people around you. If someone doesn’t look alright make sure you ask if they need help.
  5. If the security passes out water bottles and you are in the front, YOU ARE obligated to pass it back to the people behind you. The people who are being squished in the middle probably need it a lot more than you do.
  6. NEVER scream during a slow song, they are usually very important to the artists. This means you shouldn’t be screaming rude or explicit things at them.
  7. SING WITH the artist, but try not to sing over them. The other audience members did not show up to hear you sing (no matter how good you think you are).
  8. DO NOT smoke during the performance. Not only are you making everyone else inhale the smoke, but there is also not enough space for you to use your lighter safely. Burning the person in front of you is not a good way to make friends.
  9. Most importantly, ENJOY THE MOMENT. You finally get to see your favorite band perform live! The more fun you’re having the more enjoyable it is for the people around you.

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