NFL Divisional Round and Super Bowl Predictions

Playoff Games:

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks

Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers

Indianapolis Colts @ Denver Broncos

In the first matchup, it seems fair to say that New England will come out on top despite the Ravens previous success against them. The Ravens did beat both the Patriots and Broncos in 2012 on their way to become Super Bowl Champions. However, the Patriots are a different team this year and I believe they have what it takes to go all the way. Tom Brady is looking as good as ever and the Patriots have an improved defense. The Patriots have home field advantage and I believe they come out on top.

The next game is even easier to predict, as the Seahawks are almost unbeatable at home. Although the Panthers have been hot as of late (and the Seahawks had a bye which hasn’t produced favorable results in recent years), the Seahawks can easily shut down the Panthers offense with the Legion of Boom (Richard Sherman, Byron Maxwell, Kam chancellor, and Earl Thomas). The Cardinals had a chance in the last game with the Panthers and they had their 3rd string quarterback in. The Seahawks are not the Arizona Cardinals.

The 3rd Game is between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. I believe the Packers will come out on top because of their solid running game. Eddie Lacy is a threat in the backfield that the Lions didn’t have. The Dallas Cowboys now have to guard against the run and have a mediocre defense that struggled to stop the Lions. The Packers have both a solid running game in Eddie Lacy (something the Lions didn’t have) and a great passing game with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. They also have solid receivers in Randle Cobb and Jordy Nelson. Although it will be close, I think the Packers will come out on top.

The last game is between Peyton Manning and the Broncos and his former team, the Indianapolis Colts. Although Peyton Manning has struggled as of late and may have become rusty due to the first round bye, he is Peyton Manning. The increased running game of the Broncos will alleviate some pressure off of Peyton Manning. Luck on the other hand, came off of a good win against the Bengals in which the defense held the Bengals to 10 points. But the Colts defense hasn’t been that good besides that game and I think Peyton Manning can exploit some holes. Although the game will be close, I see Peyton Manning coming clutch for his team and securing the win.

As far as a Super Bowl prediction, I believe that the Patriots will come out on top. I see them playing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl after beating a struggling Broncos team. The Patriots have been an unbeatable team as of late and with the way Brady has been throwing the ball, I can’t see them losing. Although the Seahawks are a great team and the stats point in their favor (their defense leads the league in points, yards, and passing yards allowed), the Patriots find a way to win clutch games and that’s exactly what they will do.

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