Ellen Interview of Ezra Frech

Ezra Frech a 9 year old boy was recently brought on to the Ellen Degeneres show to talk a little bit about himself and his achievements despite his physical disabilities.

Ezra Frech is a mutual family friend of mine that I’ve heard about many times over the past couple of years but have never met. Upon seeing his interview I was inspired to write this article on his positiveness and great optimism. In the interview he has so much confidence and poise I was extremely impressed. Frech was born with a curved leg that was amputated as a toddler, and has one finger on his left hand. After amputating his leg he used his big toe as a second finger on his left hand. His physical disabilities hasn’t slowed him down one bit though. He has participated in many sports such as basketball, football, soccer, track and field and even marathons. Among his achievements he has also won Sports Kid of the Year of Sports Illustrated, and seven national records that was mentioned on Ellen.

In the show, he talks about many things but he talks about how he got his motto, “finish well.” He tells the story of when he was starting to play sports. When he couldn’t make basketball shots, his kindergarten coach gave him the words of wisdom “finish well” and continued to use those words for motivation.



The words that stood out the most during his interview was that he said “But that doesn’t mean that a kid with four limbs doesn’t have any challenges. Everyone has challenges, and everybody stares at everybody. So you just got to know that being different is okay and you can dream it and you can hope it and you can make it happen and I hope that they make it happen.” These are words coming out of a 9 year old boy! Frech’s dreams are to be an athlete and go to the Paralympics or the Olympics.

Although Frech does have his challenges, it doesn’t seem like he puts himself in the mindset of a disabled person and makes his ambitions happen with the love and support of his family. What I’ve learned from this interview is that investing positive energy in your dreams and ambitions is the key to becoming successful in anything you do. I hope to have the pleasure to meet with Ezra Frech one day and maybe interview him. Take the time to watch this interview, as it can change the way you look at challenges in life.

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