Marcus Mariota vs. Jameis Winston

The NFL draft is coming up and the biggest question is where will Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston land? Based on the NFL combine it seems as though Jameis Winston’s draft stock is on the rise. He performed well at the combine and was efficient in his passes. His arm is strong and his transition to the NFL will most likely be smoother than Mariota. Winston is a pocket passer and as of late, quarterbacks who throw on the run haven’t played to favorably (Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel). The looming injury threat is also a factor that many teams will consider when deciding between these two picks. Although, Mariota beat Jameis Winston and the Seminoles, Winston looks like he will be taken higher. I see Winston being taken by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they haven’t had the best of luck with quarterbacks recently (Mike Glennon and Josh Freeman to name a few). They will probably want to go with the safest pick, which in this case is Winston. On the other hand, I believe Mariota will slide down as he is more of a risk but could end up being an amazing pick for a team later down the draft order. I can see him being taken by the Rams with the 10th pick, as they need a quarterback due to Bradford’s failure to live up to his potential. I don’t think any team wants to risk an earlier pick on him and would much rather go the safe route. Winston seems like the strongest choice and we’ll see that April 30th.

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