Kaelyn Honadle In the Back Room

Friday the 13th has the taboo of being an unlucky day. However, last Friday the 13th proved to be quite an amazing one for one member of our New West family. Singer/songwriter, Kaelyn Honadle, performed in The Back Room at the Pig N’ Whistle in Hollywood with special guests Michael Shorthouse, and fellow New West students, Jake Pavlica and Tobias Raksin of Silent Partner.


After the traffic filled drive through Hollywood, we made it just in time to sit through three acts before Kaelyn finally performed. The first guy was an Eagle-esque sort, the second guy was pretty good, but the third group…There are things better left unsaid about them. Finally, Kaelyn and her group took the stage.

Imagine the small back room of what becomes a nightclub after 9:45, coincidentally the time about which Kaelyn began her set. Adults are milling about with their drinks, and a high schooler gets up on stage. It seems like a pretty intimidating situation, but Kaelyn went up there and wowed the audience with her talent. She was a natural performer for she was captivating the audience with her voice and stage presence. The way she took the stage was like a pro, you could tell she was enjoying every minute of being up there. Kaelyn has a real future in the arts industry with the soul and effort she puts in her music.


One of the most memorable parts of the evening, besides the actual performance, was the amount of support that the New West performers had. Not only did friends and family make an appearance, but some New West teachers also showed up. The one and only Mrs. Shorthouse, New West’s high school art teacher, Mr. Jansen the 10th grade math teacher and Mr. Dioso the 11th grade math teacher were some of the friendly faces that supported the band with cheering and smiles. This is truly representative of the family that has been built here at New West. We are truly lucky to be surrounded by this great support system.


After her show, we asked the star a few questions:


New West Press: What got you started into music? How long have you been playing?

Kaelyn Honadle: I started to write lyrics when I was in 2nd grade. I just wrote them when I was angry, happy, or just feeling emotional. I’ve always sang since I was little as well. I learned how to play guitar in ninth grade. My main goal is to maintain the quality of my songwriting, it means everything to me.


NWP: What’s your influence in music?

KH: I love all types of music, I’m trying to keep my own voice but I love Taylor Swift and Kurt Cobain from Nirvana.


NWP: What got you into performing?

KH: To be honest, I used to be the quiet type.

I got into performing when I realized I had to perform in front of people in order to make my music career happen. I was just this little kid with a dream, but I wasn’t really taking any action in the physical world. This seemed a little bit terrifying at first, but I feel like experiences along the way helped me come out of my shell. Now I feel completely comfortable on stage, and I can’t wait to continue doing so.


NWP: What is the best part of performing? What was the best part of performing tonight?

KH: The best part of performing is the connection with the audience. I want to connect with a lot of people with my songs, it would mean the world to me.

The best part tonight was certainly the people who supported me. It was just fun singing up there with positive people in the audience that I know want the best for me.

It was a daydream come true.


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