Stranded Sea Lions in California

Hundreds of sea lion pups are showing up on California’s beaches with no explanation. Since late last year, these poor sea lions have been washed up onto California’s shores, starving almost to the point of death. The situation is getting so terrible that Sea World has even stepped in and suspended their sea lion show in order to help the overwhelming number of baby sea lions. Even with the ongoing debate about how the park cares for the animals, they’ve already treated over 400 sea lion pups, which is twice the number they usually care for in a single year. Scientists can’t explain this growing phenomenon. Some believe that the warm waters from weird winter weather patterns are impacting areas where sea lions breed. The weird water temperature is likely pushing squid, anchovies, and squid farther away than where the sea lions are used to catching them. Needless to say, the amount of starving sea lions showing up is starting to create a big problem.

Since January, over 1,100 sea lion pups have been rescued not only from beaches, but from public restrooms and railroad tracks. This could potentially mean that more sea lions that haven’t been found yet could be dying. Rescue efforts prove to be costly, and a lot of work. Recently, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center rescued 5 different starving sea lions over the course of 2 hours. While the rescued sea lions seem to be doing well, their caretakers face another problem: getting them back into a safe environment. Most of the pups have been already fitted with tracking devices, but the caretakers are concerned that they won’t survive in the wild. The pups are still getting nursed back to health, and while there have been no recent updates, the best thing to do is to hope for their recovery back in the wild.

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