The Avila Family vs. Anaheim Regional Medical Center

Lisa Avila was at risk of dying because of the the Anaheim Regional Medical Center (O’Donnell). Lisa Avila has seven children ages 7 months to eighteen years of age (Frere). However, she is currently having another baby (Frere). This must have been so sad for this family considering that she had seven children who would miss her if she died and that another baby might not be added to their family.

So how did all of this start? Initially, she went to the Emergency Room one day for immense pain, but was told by the Anaheim Regional Medical Center (ARMC) to go home because everything was fine, giving her only pills to take (Frere). This must have been good news to hear for her and for her family. However, this happiness did not last a long time. While Avila’s husband was buying the prescription, Avila was no longer breathing (Frere). This most likely provoked an immense uneasiness for Avila’s husband because one second they tell her she is fine and the next second she is not breathing. Avila was soon rushed back to the ARMC and the doctors told her that “the embryo is implanted outside the uterus” (Frere). This is known as an ectopic pregnancy (Frere).

Avila was in a coma (Frere). I can only imagine how Lisa’s family must have felt. I think they must have lost faith in this hospital as well as were probably frustrated. The ARMC revealed that on Friday March 20, they would take off the ventilator, but the family disagreed (O’Donnell). I wish all the members of this family the best and I hope that everything goes well for them.

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