Stacking The Pancakes

An article by Sir Noah of Nottingham

A dance that has taken the world by storm, Stacking the Pancakes is the dance to know. It is most easily compared to the moon walk created by Michael Jackson and is far more intricate and graceful. Stacking the Pancakes is the Nae Nae multiplied by 1000 Suave Points. Suave Points are the points awarded to things deemed suave by the National Suave Association (N.S.A). 

Other things awarded exceptional amounts of Suave Points are brownies, ice cream and the film Dumb and Dumber. Dumb and Dumber has a Suave Point margin of around 700. The film attained this tremendous amount of suave because it is one of the most influential films of the 21st century.

Known for its quick 1 step 2 step footwork and fast paced movements, it has been witnessed by famous dancers as a hallmark dance for the ages. Michael Jackson and Mikhail Baryshnikov have both hailed Stacking the Pancakes as the dawn of a revolution in the dance industry. Millions have started to board the wagon that is the Stacking the Pancakes dance. Stacking the Pancakes has made its way to Asia, Europe, Africa and even Atlantis.

One can perform the dance in a hype party setting or during a formal dance recital. It is a multi faceted dance capable of entertaining any type of crowd. The dance consists of many ballet techniques. The dance contains Battu, Tour en l’air, Croisé and Brush moves. One could also perform a flip during the dance in between steps 6 and 7.

Stacking the pancakes is a dance only to be attempted by professionals. If one performs the dance incorrectly one may become incapacitated. Stacking the Pancakes consists of 9 pivotal steps in order to execute the dance accurately. The steps go as follows:

1- Get the ingredients= open the cupboards and grab the ingredients, but with style,

don’t be afraid to add some flair (hair whips)

2- Pour the ingredients into a bowl and whisk it, shuffle from left to right and swivel on    your hips x1 axis perpendicular to your whisking. Werk them hips

3- Now pour the batter out into the pan 

4- Next, sizzle the pancakes, get them golden brown, sizzle sizzle sizzle

5- Flip the pancakes and add some hopping to it and possibly some spinning or catching the pancakes behind your back (If performed with a partner one may flip his/her pancakes to that partner)

6 – This step is optional but it adds some pazazz to the dance. Go matrix* on this part of the dance, do some slow jazz dancing or flamenco

7- Next comes stacking the pancakes. continue stacking the pancakes until you deem the pancake stack is sufficiently high

8- Once you’ve attained maximum height for the pancake stack let them all fall down! Now it’s raining Pancakes (wait for the beat to drop or if in a more formal setting wait for that hype violin/piano music to begin in your ballet routine)

9- Finally, end with a pose

If executed correctly Stacking the Pancakes will render any audience speechless and in awe. Such is the guarantee of the N.S.A for all things given Suave scores of 250 or above.


-To go “matrix” is to go slow motion

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