The BoyBand Project

Last Friday, an upcoming band came to New West for a special performance for the middle school and high school.  This band, The Boy Band Project, consists of 5 members: Jordan Perez, Chance Perez, Aaron Pierce, Tyler Reardon, and Colton Stevens.  They are a group well known on YouTube that covers popular songs such as Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love,” Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” and One Direction’s “Steal My Girl.” With over 71,000 YouTube subscribers, they capture the attention of many young girls due to their strong vocals and good looks. The New West Charter audience was lucky to see their first live performance of their new single, to be released soon, called “Janet Jackson.” They showed not only their ability to sing as a coherent group and get the crowd excited, but  their impressive dance skills. Fans are able to stay connected with their lives and upcoming events by their social media accounts. They are good about responding to their fans and supporters.  A few days after they performed at our school, they had a show at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. A few of my friends and I attended this show to support the band and to see more of their talent. This was their first show ever and they got the crowd pumped and seemed to be enjoying themselves on the stage. It is great to see people with such an immense amount of talent vocally and musically share with others what they love to do.