Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid Review

         Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid is a bittersweet story of the adventures four teens face when they meet the one-of-a-kind, renowned Leila. Told in five different parts, each teen who encounters Leila on her road trip, is saved and forever changed by her presence. Swooping abruptly into each of their lives, in her gaudy red car, none of them ever expected to be so impacted by Leila charisma and the air of adventure she carries. Looking to find herself, Leila makes her way to Alaska to witness the Northern Lights. Little did she know, Leila would help four strangers discover their true identities, showing them compassion and guidance they had never witnessed before.
The novel, Let’s Get Lost, is an incredibly heartfelt story that causes readers to fall in love with the main character and dread that the book must come to an end. Filled with tons of crazy adventure and mystery, I applaud the creative plot that is anything but predictable. I truly loved how the book is told from five different parts/perspectives, for it allows a change of scenery and a new chance for you to connect to one of the many great characters you meet. This captivating novel will have you riding front seat as you experience Leila’s road trip first hand through every turn of the page. Alsaid’s story teaches you that sometimes getting a little lost can help you find your way.

By: Marilyn Morris

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