Eleanor Wolcott: Humans of New West

Eleanor Wolcott

Eleanor Wolcott (12th grade):

“I am interested in so many things but there is no one thing that I could go and study. Colleges and everyone is like (wagging finger and in a funny voice), ‘You should know what you want to do!’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know what I want to do!’ This is because I have all these things I really care about and there isn’t one thing I care about more than the others. Like, I play cello, I draw constantly and I’m always writing little things down. I can’t just pick one that I like the best.

I think if someone was like ‘What is something interesting about you that you want people to know?,’ I would say I just care about people. I love people so much and I wish they knew because you can’t say to people all the time ‘You know, I love you so much.’ I have a lot of empathy for people. I just wish people knew that and they wouldn’t misunderstand the way I feel about them. It’s not just my friends and family but it’s the people around me, the people I interact with on a daily basis. I really care about them and the conversations I have with them and doesn’t always come across, so if there was one thing that I wish people would know about me is that I care about them.

I think it’s really important to learn to understand other people. What I do is carry around like 8 little books, little tiny composition notebooks, and I just write or I put something in there everyday that I really like or want to remember. Whatever is going on, I just write about it or when I talk to people, I write down or I remember what they say. I just always do it constantly because I think it expands my knowledge of people and I think it helps me understand people and have more empathy for them.

I think a lot of the time people don’t have as much empathy these days, like it’s kinda scary to have empathy because you are kinda putting yourself out there and in a vulnerable position, saying like ‘I really care about you,’ and ‘I really care about this conversation.’ That’s kinda hard to say in the world we live in. There’s always this thing where you feel the need to be better like, I need to let people know that I have a little bit of control and like, look at me. I just feel like sometimes people have this thing where they don’t want to be in a vulnerable position ever so they will have this whole thing, this blockade with like, ‘I can’t let that happen’. They will build a big castle moat around themselves so no one can break in and their little warm jelly won’t be disrupted, (giggles), their little warm honey; the things they cherish. Nobody will see those things because that would be vulnerability and, you know, maybe others wouldn’t understand. But I think you have to trust people more. Have faith in people, even if they let you down because even if they have, they know they let you down, they know that and they will come to terms with that and they will understand and learn from that. So you got to trust anyway.”

Check back next week for another edition of Humans of New West!

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