The Age of Podcasts is Among Us

Podcast, (N), a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

If you didn’t know what a podcast was before, now you do! In this article, I will be listing my top 5 podcast of today and explanations to why you must try them. However, you should take caution when trying these, some topics in the episodes may be vulgar in some ways. If you are sensitive to anything in particular, make sure you read the description given to the episode, or have someone else take a quick listen through to help you out. Other than that, enjoy the list!

  1. wait Wait, Wait… Don’t tell me

This podcast is a current event trivia podcast. It has different people come onto the show to see if they know anything that is actually going on in the real world or if they have become disconnected. It is fun for the listener, because you are able to test yourself to see if you know the answers.

I liked this one personally because, when I was in speech and debate, I would be able to test myself on current events in a fun way. So if you are on the speech and debate team, I recommend this podcast to you!


  1. Mystery Show

In this podcast, follow Starlee Kine, as she solves the obscure mysteries her close friends give her. This podcast is very new, so it’s not hard to catch up with the story. Follow Starlee as she tries to solve multiple wacky mysteries including, but not limited to: finding the owner to a toaster belt buckle, discovering the reason behind a design on a lunch pail, and *MISSING PARALLEL STRUCTURE* a disappearing video store.

This podcast is good for anyone who enjoys a good laugh, but also likes to investigate the unknown. Starlee takes you on a journey through her talking and descriptive language.

Starlee Kine, Host
  1. Star Talk


In this podcast, Neil deGrasse Tyson and guest stars answer your questions on anything scientific. The questions are mostly about space, but sometimes guest stars will take questions relating to their field in science. A couple popular guest stars who have been on the show are Eugene Mirman (Gene’s voice actor from Bob’s Burgers) and Bill Nye.

If you love science, but more specifically astronomy, then you will love this podcast! I know there is an Astronomy Club at New West, so I urge those members to check out this amazing podcast!

  1. Welcome to Night Valestatic1.squarespace

For any listener who comes across this podcast, I ask you to be warned. Not because it’s a vulgar podcast, but because it starts out very weird. It is a different type of podcast that not many see, a storyline podcast. It is set in the fictional town of Night Vale, with its host, Cecil Palmer. by the first episode you may be very confused, but If you like a good story, this is the podcast for you. The fan base this podcast has accumulated over the 3 years it has been running is enormous, and I can tell why. The story is intriguing, and has amazing voice actor. I recommend this to everyone.

Cecil Baldwin, Voice of Cecil Palmer

1. RadiolabWNYC_Radiolab_logo.svg

If you are in 9th grade, you have already heard a snippet from this show in Biology, but anyone can enjoy a thrilling episode of Radiolab. Radiolab is a podcast that usually has one topic per episode, and uses a few stories to explain that topic. It can make anyone understand just a small portion of science in a specific topic.

If you love any kind of science, I recommend this to you, because this show covers almost everything. A few episodes that are good to start with are “Words” (2011), “Juicervose” (2015), and “Colors” (20?? – FIX THIS). These episodes are a few of my favorites, but are also good episodes to start with.

Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich

All podcasts can be found on Itunes, but here are a few places you can also listen to these great podcasts:

Radio Lab:

Welcome to Night Vale:


Mystery Show:

Wait… Wait Don’t Tell Me:

Happy listening!

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