Angelica Wise: Humans of New West

Angelica Wise (11th grade):

“I do miss Alaska, I miss the nature a lot, but this is my home now.

Well, it’s been about a year since I moved here and Alaska is really different from Los Angeles. The town that I lived in only had like 500 people and there was a post office, a bar and a general store. It was about 30 miles to the next grocery store. So maybe the biggest change is having everything near you; you can just walk to the store! That really crazy to me when I first got here. Also, there is a McDonald’s down the road from my house and I thought, ‘Oh my god, I can eat McDonald’s every night if I wanted to.’ You just don’t really think about all the things you have here, for example most clothing stores in Alaska were thrift stores. That was all you had.

I’m not gonna say that people in Alaska are racist but they have their own opinions so when I first came here, I had never seen certain races before. That was really enlightening. Also I saw girls kissing in the hallways when I first came here and I was like, ‘People do that? That’s so crazy!’ But I definitely feel like I’ve opened my horizons a little bit, collegewise too. There are just so many opportunities around here that I didn’t have when I was in Alaska. It was really cool when I realized, ‘I could go to UCLA’ or somewhere like that.

Well, I think I have changed a little because when I first came here, I was really shy and I didn’t talk to people and now I feel like I’ve opened up, just in general. I’m more open and accept things. I just think it’s a lot easier to be normal here.”

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