Things That Make No Sense

Disclaimer from the Editor: facts and figures cited in this article were most likely created from the mind of Noah Kastenbaum. 

There are a plethora of things that make no sense. I am going to describe the most annoying. This is a cautionary post to help rid the world of these non-sensical things.

Why do grades go A, B, C, D, F?

Where is E? People say this is due to the fact that ‘F’ stands for “fail”. Okay, I will humor those of you who believe the letters behind our grades do represent a word. What do the other letters mean then? A is Amazing. B is Better than C. C is Can’t you be better? D is Don’t know what you were thinking. This makes absolutely no sense. Also, all this still doesn’t explain why we skip ‘E’. This confuses children and because of it 1 out of every 10 people is unaware that the letter ‘E’ is in the alphabet.

Same Difference?

The phrase “same difference” is another thing that makes no sense. It is an oxymoron. When comparing two things, those two things can either be the same or different. To have the “same” differences makes no logical sense. Let me give an example. A customer in a deli asks for kosher salt on a bagel and is given sea salt instead. The customer argues that sea salt is different from the kosher salt he requested. The waiter argues both salts are the same (as they are both salts). How could these two salts possess the “same difference”? I have come to the conclusion that one can only say “same difference” when referencing two things to another thing. If comparing to pieces of salt to a pepper, one can say the two pieces of salt posses the same difference compared to the pepper.

Math makes no sense, right?

Can anyone explain to me why we have imaginary numbers. I am pretty sure that, if an equation with imaginary numbers is used to try and land an astronaut on the moon, the mission will not be a success. Also, all the math we learn after geometry is useless. Teachers say we go to school to learn things that will help us in life. This is not entirely true. The answer for why we learn things like Calculus is that we need to know it for college. What about in life? Will I need it for that? No? Okay I’ll pass then. If trigonometry was not needed in college, people would not need to learn it in high school. The general population will never make use of any math learned after geometry.


One thing I have a major problem with is the use of the words doesn’t and don’t. Doesn’t is a contraction of the words “does” and “not”. So then why do we say that things like “Doesn’t that make sense.” This sentence without the contraction “doesn’t” would read “Does not that make sense.” Similarly sentences with the word “don’t” often make no sense when the “don’t” is reverted from a contraction. The sentence “Why don’t you just sit over there” is actually “Why do not you just sit over there.” My suggestion is simply don’t use either of these contractions unless it sounds normal when not a contraction as well (notice how I used “don’t” in this sentence).

Beware things that make no sense. They are the main cause of death right behind overconsumption of H2O. Also, if you meet a man named Moses give him a high-five…he parted a sea…that’s sort of awesome.


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