Jaylen Poole: Humans of New West

Jaylen Poole

Jaylen Poole (12th grade):

“Through my collective experiences I’ve learned that things, good and bad, are going to happen. I don’t believe things happen for a reason, they just happen so you have to just take everything one at a time. Try and not let everything become a big deal, just focus on now and not on the past.

“I think life is a collective bunch of different experiences from different people. I think I am fortunate enough to have a life in middle class America. For me, it is important for life to be stable by doing things that make me happy while also doing things that don’t make me so happy. But I do think the ultimate goal in life is to be happy, as cheesy as that sounds, because there is not really a point to life if you are not enjoying yourself.

“A story I want to share with the world… that’s difficult. Well, people probably know that I am pretty nonviolent easy-going person. My family tells me that is because when I was really young, I had anger issues and my great grandmother said, ‘If you are angry, your veins are going to swell up and pop’. I became really chill and nice after that. But I think it is really crazy how much one lie can change a person’s whole life.

“I don’t like colleges in America because they are a scam, money-wise. But of the 200 top universities in the world, America has 147 of them so I guess it is a good thing that American colleges are so expensive and prestigious. I think it is pretty advantageous for people who can attend. I am going to go to college because it is necessary, that is one of the downsides; you have buy into the scam to succeed in life. People don’t have to go to college, but personally I will. I am going to study zoology or some other life science. If not zoology then maybe teaching.

“Why zoology? I just really like animals. I know that it is juvenile but ever since I was little I always thought animals were really cool. I love Steve Irwin and the Discovery Channel. Teaching is my other option because I think teachers have a significant impact on students’ lives; I’ve know teachers that have had a significant impact on mine. Education and molding the new generation of Americans are both so important. I like the idea of helping people in such a simple yet impactful way. It’s amazing that something as simple as an education can really change the world.

“My final thought is…Global warming is real.”

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