Finding Paris by Joy Preble Review

        Finding Paris by Joy Preble is an action-packed adventure, that takes a journey through the main characters’ lives, along with a road trip to discover what lies ahead. Two sisters, Leo and Paris Hollings, have an unbreakable bond and need to rely on one another for their mother is too caught up in love interests to be around. Paris is the wishful thinker and a romantic, while Leo is the realist whose goals comprise of education, a career, and falling in love. The two are together one night at a diner and Paris suddenly disappears leaving a cryptic note, possibly a clue. From then on, Leo goes searching for Paris with an unexpected new friend Max Sullivan. Greater than just what happened to Paris is sure to be discovered, for the trail of clues will answer more than one mystery.

Joy Preble’s novel, Finding Paris, is far from your average book, with a unique and humorous plot to keep one in suspense. Preble’s story contains excitement, love, mystery, and a bundle of secrets that no one could ever see coming. The style with which Preble writes is both evocative and spare, adding to the book’s richness. I applaud the balance in the story, transitioning nicely from invigorating adventure to disconsolate events. As the main character takes this journey, the reader travels alongside trying to solve the clues as they appear.

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