Why Halsey’s New Album Is Worth The Listen

Album Cover

Love Twenty One Pilots? Love Panic! at the Disco? Then Halsey is for you! Her alternative music style is unique and beautiful to listen to, and she had released her album BADLANDS this year, which has been a hit with lovers of alternative music. She has released singles and extended cuts before, but this is her first album. In this article, I will be naming the top three songs on the album, giving a x/100 score based on five 20 point requirements, and finally giving it a final review.

Top three songs:

“New Americana”

This song is a hit with listeners, since most can relate to its edgy message. “Survival of the richest, the city’s ours until the fall”, “We don’t feel like outsiders at all. We are the new Americana, High on legal marijuana, Raised on Biggie and Nirvana, We are the new Americana” These lyrics are conveying the main message the song has, that our generation is different and unique. Especially in her indie pop genre, people strive to explain that they are unique and mean something more than just another person, and this song reaches those standards.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 8.31.20 PM
Hasley in “New Americana” Music Video


This song is unique due to its darker instrumentals, but it still makes a great overall tune. When I asked my friends who don’t go to New West about the song, they replied with a few amazing descriptions of the tune:

Micah: It sounds like if steampunk was made into a song. Not like gears or anything, but it just sounds so… dark yet metallic? Does that make any sense?

Drake: Definitely has darker vibes and more of a goth-y feel to it, but overall a great song!

Thomas: This entire album was gold, but this song was very… different. But I think I enjoyed it the most! Of course, nothing compares with my favorite, Gasoline.

Thank you to you amazing folks, and what Thomas said is actually very true, nothing compares to my #1 pick, gasoline.

“Gasoline” [EXPLICIT]

This song also has a darker feel to it, but is also much more invigorating. With its sharp music and edgy percussion, this song is a hit with alternative music lovers. This song focuses more on how people of our generation feel out of place, but when you’re done listening, you feel better about yourself. Why? The song really explains that there is someone out there just like you, someone who feels wrong or misplaced. When I listened to this song, I definitely felt much better about myself.

Score out of 100

Overall feel of the album: 19/20. Not all songs are gonna be perfect, but overall it’s pretty amazing!

Cover Art: 20/20. Artsy and unique, just like her music!

Music Videos: 17/20. Interesting to watch, fits with the music.

Uniformity of the Album: 20/20. All of the songs fit together into one album, and still are unique in their own way.

Tone of all of the topics above: 20/20. This topic is a bit confusing. This topic is about what kind of tone does this album give us? This album feels dark yet uplifting, and is uniform throughout the whole album. It radiates a true alternative title.

OVERALL SCORE: 96/100. Would definitely listen to.

Final Review

The overall quality of this album, and not to mention the message it gives its listeners, makes this album pure gold. I would recommend to listen to this if you are playing any sort of thoughtful game (Undertale is a great example) or are just surfing through social media. This album is also great for long car rides, since the songs differentiate enough that you won’t get bored of the music for a long time.
10/10 final score.

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