Jade Ross: Humans of New West

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Jade Ross (9th grade):

Twins: Similar But Not The Same

“Usually when I meet new people, I won’t tell them I am a twin and then when they meet her they get like really confused and ‘Whoa?? You’re a twin??’ It’s weird to get to know someone and then find out that there is another one of them.

Many people think that twins are super cool and super close to each other but Jana and I aren’t. This is one of the many misunderstandings people have about twins, like the twin telepathy thing. . . that is not real. But we can look at each other and understand what the other wants or what needs to be done. It is annoying when twins are classified as “the good one” and “the bad one”. That irritates me. That’s usually the first thing people ask, (in a funny voice), ‘who’s the good twin? Who’s the bad twin?’ and I am just like stop!

People mix us up a lot. I think it’s weird because I don’t think we look alike. People who don’t know us personally, say we look alike but once they get to know us and get used to our faces we look different.

One of the biggest way being a twin has affected my life . . . well I don’t know if this is special to me and Jana but we always feel the need to show that we are separate people so we don’t do everything together. Like, yeah we are twins, we do like the same stuff but we are different people. We are both individuals. I think that is something that is really important for people to understand; twins are not the same people; they are different. And they don’t have to be together every minute. We do a lot of the same stuff but we definitely venture out into different interests. Sometimes, I will do something extremely different just to show that we are not the same. Like in English class she will say something really smart and then just to be funny, I’ll say something really dumb.

One of the good things about being a twin is, when I don’t want to talk to my dad, Jana will respond and he can’t tell our voices apart. If someone is annoying, I will just send Jana to go talk to them for me because they can’t tell us apart. The best thing about having a twin is that she does my homework. She makes me food too. But she is vegetarian and I love meat.

A weird thing is my whole family is twins. I think either me, Janna or my cousin will have twins because my uncle is a twin, my great aunt is a twin, my cousin is a twin… it is all on my dad’s side. I think it skips a generation or something so maybe not. I don’t know if I would want twins though.
Right now I am interested in telling stories, I guess. News stuff, not author stuff. But I wouldn’t want to talk about politics or whatever, I want to tell people’s stories. I want to be a photo journalist or a video journalist because you get to travel and tell stories for and about people who can’t.

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