Review: Justin Bieber’s “Purpose”

I wouldn’t say I ever went through a “Bieber fever” phase, nor did I really enjoy Justin Bieber’s earlier music, but less than a week ago, Bieber released his fourth album, Purpose, and his songs have been on repeat on the radio since November 13th.  In this album, we get to hear a more mature side of Justin as he starts to veer away from his teenybopper songs.  This album contains 18 songs, some of which are uplifting dance songs and others are more emotional and relatable.  My three favorite songs are “Purpose,” a piano ballad with an inspiring message from Justin at the end, “Sorry,” a perfect, upbeat song to dance to, and “Love Yourself,” a song about Bieber moving on from a relationship that just wasn’t working out.

This album shows his coming-of-age, and his growth is reflected in his current music.  Some of his songs are quite confessional and his emotions are being expressed with all of his listeners.  There are also many artists featured on his album, such as Big Sean, Halsey, and Travis Scott.  Overall, I really enjoyed listening Justin’s new songs and I would recommend this album to others.

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