Why I Eat Five Grapes


Almost every day my friend brings grapes to school and almost every day I ask for five of her grapes. It’s something I started about a month ago when I began to really reflect on my week. I can’t have two grapes or three because that really doesn’t make sense. It’s like deciding to go to bed at 9:27 and not 9:30 or not drinking half a glass of water and pouring the rest out. Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable? The strange, unsystematic way of completing things in your life? Imagine having three paintings; the first is small, the second is slightly larger and the third is the biggest. How would you stack those paintings? Logically you would put the smallest on top, then the medium-sized one in the middle and then the largest one on the bottom. One could even flip that order but never would you completely switch it. You take one bite out of a cookie but you decide not to eat the rest. Why? Why would you subject yourself to a life where nothing makes sense and numbers are completely random?

When I look back on my day, I notice things; I ate five grapes, I have exactly half a sandwich left in my bag and my books are organized from largest to smallest in my locker. These small, almost unnoticeable details allow me to be [content with myself. I appreciate living an organized life and to me that means paying attention to numbers. That’s why I eat five grapes.

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