A Guide to Getting Over It

So, you’ve had your heart broken. Welcome to the club that no one wants to join! You’re probably feeling scared, overwhelmed, and either totally withdrawn from the world or pushing yourself to unhealthy extremes. Everyone has different coping mechanisms. I know it seems like it’ll last forever, and though it won’t, it’s still gonna suck. That’s the most important thing to understand here. The whole thing’s gonna suck, but the experience will build character, and the end result is far more valuable than any material wealth on the planet. I’m here to guide you through that process with a few hugs and a whole lotta tough love. Ready? Let’s crush it.

Step 1: Cry, Grieve, Yell and Punch.

The despair you’re feeling is deeper than any pit, or your anger is hotter than any fire. Let it be there for now, feel all the sadness in the world, burn through all the anger that you can muster, but not for too long. You’ve got work to do! The world spins on, even if it feels like yours has stopped. Grieve what’s been lost, allowing yourself to focus later on what exciting things are coming. Oh, and please don’t be mean to your family or friends and push them away; you’ll definitely need them for the next step!

Step 2: Support Yourself with your Homies

Look at it this way: humans are not solitary creatures. Naturally, our individual instincts drive us to surround ourselves with others who we like and who like us, especially in times of distress. You picking up what I’m putting down here? Call up an old friend, you know, that one who you think is really cool, but haven’t really had much time to cultivate a deep friendship with. Now that you’re single, you’ll realize soon just how much free time you’ve got. And that, my dear friend, is one of the most awesome perks of this situation. Bring the whole squad along for the ride!

Step 3: Seize The Day

It’s no secret that relationships take a buttload of time and effort. Whether or not you think it was worth it in the end, you just don’t have to worry about that anymore. Me time is without a doubt the best kind of time. So just do you, boo! Been dying to try parkour? Flip away, my friend! Wanna go see that movie for the sole purpose of making fun of it? Go on, you cynical person you! Or, for the love-lorn academic, pump up those grades! Now is the perfect time for all of this and way, way more. You are a new, fierce, single person back on the market, a new you! So, run with it, and try not to have too much fun!

Step 4: Step. Away. From the Phone.

Oh brother, here’s where things get hard. In this day and age, technology is basically everywhere and everything. The world of social media is equal parts amazing and creepy, where we can really define ourselves as people and control what content people associate with us, but… It is a prime haunt for compulsive ex-stalking and “just checking in.” It’s. Not. Worth. It! Trust me. You’ll just feel worse if you spend hours of your day obsessively gazing at and mourning for what you used to have. Not to mention, what a waste of time! It’s the birth of a new you, time to celebrate! Don’t let yourself get trapped in a cycle of sad song lyric captions and passive aggressive tweets. Repeat after me: I will not stalk, obsess, over analyze, or check in on their profile. You are, however, encouraged to post a few fire selfies here and there!

Now, there really is an infinite number of helpful tips for getting over a breakup. But for your sake, dear reader, I’ve carefully narrowed them down to these four. Follow them on the path to a better you. Being able to love yourself and have a deep sense of fulfillment is absolutely crucial if you want to feel happy again. Take time for yourself. Just do you for now, before you focus your attention on any potential baes. Trust me: you’ll thank yourself later! Let yourself feel sad, call up the squad, try something crazy new, and rethink that post. You’ll be okay, I promise.

Share because your heartbroken friend needs to hear this. 

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