Why You Should Watch Amélie

Many believe European movies to be either weird or romantic. In most cases, this is true. However weird some of these movies can be, especially the French ones, some are really worth watching. Like Amélie, which is internationally recognized for it’s cleverness and sweet view on life.

And why should you watch it?

Well first, you get to experience new culture and maybe even pick up on some French. The movie is based in Paris and all the characters demonstrate some sort of iconically french characteristic.


Secondly, you are lead through the movie by Amélie herself. This character is very odd due to her lonely childhood yet she is able to notice all the good and the bad in the world. At one point in the film, Amélie decides that she needs to improve the lives of those around her. This character works to better her community and her actions positively impact quite a few people. Through the eyes of the female lead, you are able to experience the unfortunate occurrences some of the characters endure and the changes that help them lead a better life.


Thirdly, viewers experience the suspense and achievement of a romance. Throughout the film we see Amélie plotting or rather, planning, a meeting she will have with a man she has never spoken to. We are indeed briefly introduced to this male character and from these short clips, it can be inferred that he is also odd. Amélie creates a series of clever notes and messages in order to lead the man to her. In the end, they join happily and life is wonderful. Amelie satisfied me with a great ending.


Amélie is a quirky and fun comedy. At one point in the film, Amélie decides to help an employee from his boss by sneaking in the superiors home and discreetly changing his things around. This leads to the boss’s paranoia and sudden respect for his employee. This French classic is a great film for those who want less of a deep and confusing plot. The movie is short and sweet in storyline and in depth. I recommend it to everyone and anyone.

Share because we should all watch more French films!

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