Finals Playlist

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Finals are coming! Scary, right?

No fear, New West Press Playlist is here! This month’s theme is Finals Season. With the plethora of papers, presentations, and tests, music is here to help. Personally, I study best with classical music, but I will not resort to boring my fellow 21st century listeners. Here is a playlist specialized to boost your Finals spirit! As always, the music is from all genres to really get yourself in the mood.

1.) “Holocene”- Bon Iver. This song is simply gorgeous. Its layered vocals and its soothing instruments will take all of the Finals-related stress away and leave you in pure bliss. Soon worries about Huckleberry Finn and Holden Caulfield will dissipate with Justin Vernon’s masterpiece.

2.) “1998”- Chet Faker. This song beautifully combines melodious music with a driving beat, which is perfect to motivate you to finish that paper or study guide. It keeps you awake without distracting you with discordant, abrasive sounds. Chet Faker’s smooth voice is just what a night of studying needs.

3.) “Summertime”- Chet Baker. No relaxation/Finals playlist can be complete without jazz music. The original smooth Chet’s music is just as pleasing to the ear. Making that last flashcard is easy swaying to the luxurious sounds of Chet’s trumpet.

4.) “Folds”- Thrupence. Thrupence, iconic chillwave artist, created a perfect finals EP with “Voyages” and all of his synth-heavy chillstep. Folds is the most tranquil of those songs and has a true calming effect for anyone who is feeling swamped by all of the assignments and tests.

5.) “Black Ego”- Digable Planets. 90’s jazz hop is some of my favorite homework music, so there is no doubt that Digable Planets would make an appearance on the Finals Playlist. This song incorporates their easy-listening sound with guitar riffs that come together to make a piece of art you can bob your head to.

6.) “Ou Va la Chance”- Francoise Hardy. Studying for a French quiz? Francoise Hardy is the quintessential Ye-Ye artist. Hardy’s singing is hauntingly beautiful and soft. She is a nice balance. Not only is this song serene and lush, but it will help you learn those pesky conjugations.

7.) “Nocturne op. 9, no. 2”- Frederic Chopin. Oops, I caved. I had to put at least one classical song, but who can resist the sweet and calming melody of this nocturne? The genius Chopin composed this song at the age of 20 (probably whilst taking some college finals of his own). When memorizing the stages of the Kreb’s Cycle becomes too overwhelming, listen to this classic. If anything, this will put you to sleep as the beginning of a good 7-9 hours the day before.

8.) “You Only Live Once”- The Strokes. By now, it is probably time for a break. Everyone knows that studying for finals should also incorporate a quick dance session. The Strokes have never failed to get me on my feet. This song is not only a pick-me-up, but the song title describes the sentiments felt right before going in to take the Final.

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