How to Make an Indie Music Video in Five Steps

Have you formed a band with your friends? Did you try to go mainstream and then realized how difficult it was so you decided to go indie? Well then, this guide will guarantee you and your band mates the perfect indie music video that will gain you fans no matter the skill level! These simple step-by-step instructions will highlight the key aspects that every underground band needs to create a successful video. In addition, I’ve added perfect examples of music videos following each step in case you get confused.

1. Pick the perfect scenic spot to focus your video on. Your main goal is to have a lot of candid shots of you and your band mates walking around. Although vital, this can get a tad boring so make sure to find a beautiful backdrop to distract your audience from the dull content.


2. Make sure your wardrobe choices are grunge and hipster. Even if you only make acoustic songs, an important aspect is looking as punk as possible. Don’t bother washing your hair or even brushing it. The more disheveled, the better.


3. You and your band mates should either look like you’re loving life or hating it, there’s no in between. If you choose to go the happy route, a tour video works perfectly. Make it look like you and your friends are having the time of your life (never show how tired or hungover, if you’re 21 of course, you are from last night’s show). If you choose the other option, a beach or park can be a great setting to wallow in your misery of being a struggling musician.


4. Film a lot of montage footage. A plot is not important and your storyline doesn’t have to make sense. Just keep switching shots and locations and you’ll be good to go.


5. Choose a vintage filter. Make the footage look as old as possible. This is key because you won’t be spending much time editing the video. If the audience can’t really tell what’s going on in the video, they won’t notice the shaky camera or jump cuts. Besides, you don’t have a big budget anyway.


Disclaimer: this is intended to be somewhat satirical. I am not intending to insult any of the artists chosen. (In fact, these are some of my favorite bands.)


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