Want a Grey Day? Come to New West Charter

Note from the Editor: This is a comical, opinion piece that does not reflect the opinions of New West Charter or New West Press. 

Schools have many different reasons for why uniforms are beneficial. Uniforms equalize the disparities in socio economic status. Uniforms keep students focused on education rather than their attire. Uniforms force students to dress appropriately. These are all assertions made by schools in an attempt to justify school uniforms. However, the negative effects of uniforms greatly outweigh the positive.

One reason schools should not enforce a uniform policy is that students detest them. Never has a student said “Gosh I love the school uniform, by golly I just love looking like a bleak grey blob without a soul.” Schools view this lack of color as a positive and believe it leads to less distraction and allows students to focus on their schooling. However, it actually creates a boring environment… one without pigment, without emotion, without life. #DEEP

Uniform policies also inhibit the growth of students. In school, students learn to become their own person. One of the ways students develop into well-thinking human beings who can contribute to society is through the self-expression and self-exploration that school allows. However, uniforms take away creativity and make everyone the same – “uniform.” Even the constitution goes against the idea of uniform policies. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of expression. Though a meager form of self-expression, one’s choice of outfit is nonetheless a right protected by the constitution.

Another reason uniform policies shouldn’t be endorsed in schools is that they create a depressing environment. Studies have proven that color stimulates the brain. Therefore, by creating a setting without color, the brain lacks the stimulation to stay awake and students remain in a sleep-like state incapable of learning. As a result, the efficiency of student learning would be improved if students were in a colorful environment with vibrant effulgence instead of dilapidated drabness.

I am not saying all limitations on dress are bad. Yes, people shouldn’t be able to come to school in a bath robe, but being forced to wear the same simple, boring, clothes day after day is disheartening.

Overall, I think the plethora of negative effects that arise as a result of uniform policies greatly outweigh the positives. Thank God I am color blind and already only see grey, but for everyone else who is forced to succumb to uniform policies, I truly feel sympathetic.

We can have colorful students…


Or this guy! You decide!


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