Mind the Music

“LA! U guys free Jan. 23?! Cus ur boys wanna c u! Make sure to RSVP to this thing. K bye. FREE // ALL AGES (finally)” read Royaljag’s tweet. I had been a fan since I saw them open for Maudlin Strangers at The Echo in July and hadn’t seen them since. So when they announced a show in LA, I was ecstatic. I clicked on the link and it led me to a website telling me to RSVP to this event in an undisclosed location. The next day, they sent out a confirmation email explaining that the show would be in Downtown LA, but withheld the exact location and time until the night before.

On the evening of the event, my friend and I took the train to Downtown and walked to the address they listed. We stood across the street looking at a nondescript building with a for rent sign in the window. Outside, at least a dozen young hipsters were milling around and talking excitedly amongst each other so we knew we must be in the right place. The event space was two levels. The top floor was a balcony bordering a large room with a table of refreshments, a DJ booth and a stage.

Royaljag was the first band to play. Their rock sound and stellar vocals were instantly a hit with the crowd and set the tone for the rest of the night. 

Next was an ethereal, dreamy band called WYLDR. Their set up included two retro televisions that played animations that went along to the beat of the music. The final act we saw was King Shelter. Their sound was a lot more punk and had the crowd going crazy, especially when the lead singer crowd surfed around the room. It was an unforgettable experience that gives you an inside look into the independent and underground artists that most people miss out on.


Mind the Music will be taking place every month and are free and all ages. (Check out Music Corner Tapes Volume 6 to hear all the artists that played, as well as other local independent artists.) Here’s a visual recap of the show:


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