What’s next for New West’s Class of 2016?

With graduation just around the corner, I was curious to find out what some of our seniors were planning on doing in the near future. Find out what New West Charter’s first graduating class will be up to!

“I want to go to school to become a Zoologist, majoring in wild life ecology.” -Jaylen P.

“I would like to major in theatre. I plan to be an actor or computer animation person.” -Nick Freed.

“I want to do electrical engineering. Or maybe an Osteologist.” -Sam R.

“I am going to major in art and then become an interior designer.” -Isabel E.

“I want to be a cinematographer. Not a director, there’s a difference.” -Pablo S.

“I am going to go to medical school to become an OBGYN.” -Bethel S.

“I want to be an entrepreneur. Maybe a business owner or venture capitalist.” -Noah K.

“If I could major in anything it would be psychology, but I want to be a business lawyer.”-Chris B.

“Photographer.” -James O.

“I either want to be a plastic surgeon or a veterinarian. Maybe a plastic surgeon for animals.” -Imani

“I want to major in political science to become a politician. Maybe I’ll be a senator.” -Madisyn C.

“Well, I want to major in advertising and then become a marketer.” -Andres G.

“I want to major in engineering and then become a mechanical engineer.” -Peter L.

“I want to be happy.” -Jessye A.

“I want to be a lot of things. I want to major in humanities and psychology and maybe minor in sociology.” -Maya S.

“Music technology. I want to be a sound designer.” -Nick Fop.

“I’m going to be in business, maybe become a marketer.” -Malcolm G.

“I want to major in psychology and then become a teacher.” -Makito

“I plan on being the first black, female General Manager of the National Hockey League.” – Carrington

We’re each looking forward to graduating as the Class of 2016!

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