Why You Should Join MUN – Told by MUN Delegates

My first impression of Model UN was not very exciting. It was all politics, public speaking, and debating, I found no fun in the idea. Except, when I tried the club just recently and went to a conference, I learned how amazingly fun the club is. While I was at the conference, debating about the ongoing issues in Haiti, I met some amazing people. I interviewed them, along with other New West student’s in the club, so I could show you all why MUN is a great community to join. Sadly I wasn’t able to get everyone in the club’s interview into one article, but you can still go ask anyone in the club what they think of MUN.

Non-New West Delegates


  • What is your favorite MUN event?

Probably the caucus. It’s an event in which the delegates get to speak to one another. We make deals, sign treaties, and discuss resolutions. It’s also a fun way to meet people.

  • How many conferences have you been to?

This is my third conference.

  • Who would you recommend MUN to?

People who love public speaking and history, but I also know a lot of people in MUN who despise the public speaking part. They are there for the politics and writing resolutions.


  • What part of MUN do you like the best?

I love debating. It gives me a sense of importance, but it’s also fun to solve the social problems that arise.

  • How many conferences have you been to?

I believe this is my third.

  • Who would you recommend MUN to?

It’s hard to say. I’d say, everyone, so try a conference and see how it goes. You’d be surprised how fun they are.


  • What is your favorite part of MUN?

I like showing off my knowledge of current events.

  • How many conferences have you been to?

Three at the moment, but hopefully more in the future.

  • Who do you recommend MUN to?

People who are on their feet and like to be present in the news. It’s great to be the first one to react to information intelligently. Being able to answer a question right away without having to look back on notes. Just make sure your information is correct.

Ms. Haskins

  • What part fo conferences do you enjoy?

I like to see students being aware of current events, and then creating ideas to solve them.

  • How many conferences have you been to?

I haven’t actually participated in an MUN conference myself, but I did do mock trials in college. That interested me a lot, so I helped make the MUN club.

  • Who do you recommend MUN to?

I definitely recommend it to very internationally political people, who love being updated on current events. You also have to be a great problem solver and enjoy public speaking just enough to get you by.


It was so much fun being able to interview these awesome people, and getting a small glance at the club. Here are some fun facts about the interviews that took place.

Allison and Braden were in my conference and were partners. As I was interviewing them, they were packing up their stuff. At one point in the interview, a kid fell on top of our desks trying to run out of the room. It certainly was an interruption, but nobody was hurt.

I met up with Jalen outside of the school hallway in the courtyard with the rest of New West. Before I interviewed him, he told us of how a girl in his conference gave the idea to send clowns to ISIS because ‘laughter is the best medicine’. Apparently he wasn’t the only one with a crazy story because many others started to tell of their experiences.

I last met up with Ms. Haskins, who was waiting with the group in the parking lot. Slowly but surely cars started to drive up and whisk students away. As students were starting to leave, they were taking multiple selfies with Ms. Haskins. I had to interview her over multiple people pushing me aside to get a picture with the teacher. We also got a quite lovely group photo before everyone left:


Someone had recommended that we do a funny picture as well:


Then Jackson realized he should probably get in the photo too:


Thank you for reading my article, and I hope you drop by Ms. Haskins room next Wednesday!


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