Disney’s March Madness

It’s that time of the year where March Madness is going on, but not the March Madness you’re thinking about. While you’re probably thinking of all the NCAA teams, I’m talking about Disneyland’s very own March Madness.

They call it March Magic, and they treat it just like March Madness. However, instead of basketball teams, Disney uses the rides in the parks as the team. There are two separate competitions, one for the Walt Disney World parks and one for the Disneyland park. The winning “team” from each park will go head to head in the final competition. Disney has even created a printable bracket, just like the brackets used in March Madness.


The winners are completely fan chosen. This year, Disneyland has taken to Twitter polls to determine the winner.

As per usual Disney style, the parks have also offered the team shirts on their online store. It’s $30 bucks for each t-shirt, but that’s Disney for you.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.02.52 PM

Here are the “teams” for this year. I’m personally voting on the Lowriders, only because I like the t-shirt design.

Last year’s winners were the Gracey Manor Ghouls, but I’m feeling good about the Lowriders this year. #TeamLowriders! If you’re not about that basketball life, this is definitely a fun alternative. The final competition between the two remaining teams will be on April 4th, so if you’re interested, check the Disneyland Resort Twitter every week to see the winners (@Disneyland).

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