Top 4 Running Webcomics You Should Read

We all know about DC and Marvel comics, but what about the more unknown comics online? As a webcomic reader, one who is keeping up with ten to fifteen comics at the moment, I know how great it feels to find an amazing story that is still running. Of course, there are some obvious amazing webcomics like Homestuck or Cyanide and Happiness, but this article is for some of the more unknown comics. Get ready to get your comic on, with my personal top 4 webcomics. Please take note that their comics are meant to be read online on a desktop, you can google each comic to find it.






4. Sfeer Theory

Honestly, this comic would be much higher on the list if it weren’t for the sheer complexity of the comic so far. I believe it may just be me, but I have reread this comic countless times, and I still learn stuff from the text. Believe me, that is a good thing.The complexity of the comic with both a political and science fiction plot, we get a new universe that will immerse you through Valentine’s story.


Valentine, the main protagonist.




3. Zoophobiatumblr_nthufhb8CP1udrxz7o2_1280.png

This webcomic can be summed into four words: All over the place. This comic is much more simple that Sfeer Theory, but its wide range of colorful characters makes it a bit eyesore-ish. Following the main character Cameron, we are introduced to a strange and magical land that is inhabited mostly by strange creatures and mythical beasts. Sadly, Cameron has zoophobia or the fear of animals. The story jumps through different stories pretty quickly, and that’s usually due to the stories capability of producing whatever it wants. Just the title of the first book can clue you into the craziness this world has in stock:

Book Cover




2. Monsterkind

This one is much more serious that Zoophobia, but it has a similarly diverse, colorful cast. This story, seen through the eyes of Wallace, is a story that could very much take place in real life if it weren’t for the entire cast being monsters. Wallace is the only human seen so far in this town of varying creatures. I love this comic because it has a very intriguing story, but also because it’s cast are all unique and very lovable. This comic, updating more frequently than all the comics on this list, will keep you captivated in its plot.

Chapter 3 Cover Page





1. Leftovers (Sunshine Boy)

This comic seems very new, only because there are few pages compared to the rest of the comics on this list. Except, I can assure you these are pages of pure gold. Not only is the art style amazing, but the small cast of characters are full of depth and wonder. The main character, Kelly, is only a child in the comic at the moment, but from the art we get in the header and some art the creator has released, we know how much this comic has in store for us. This more realistic comic is a perfect start to a webcomic binge read.

Kelly and Gray;, the main protagonists


Now you know my top 4 webcomics, and I suggest you check them out. Usually, webcomics will have a suggested section, so start clicking on different comics, you might just find something you like. There were lots of other comics I would have listed, but they were all directed towards a small demographic. One being Experience Boost, an MMORPG comic about two friends who play a stereotypical RPG.  If you are interested in that, I suggest you check it out. Other than that, enjoy your reading!

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