Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for some volunteer hours? There are some amazing opportunities going on around Los Angeles right now. If you haven’t heard of the website called volunteermatch.org, it’s a search engine where you can find listings of volunteer opportunities in your area. Check out this list of volunteer listings, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find something you really enjoy doing!

Opportunity 1: Exhibit ambassador at the Go For Broke National Education Center in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. The GFBNEC is looking for 16+ students who are interesting in helping out in their new exhibit, focusing on the Japanese-American war experience. For more info, click here for the listing.

Opportunity 2: Volunteer at an after school program, also located in Little Tokyo or Echo Park. The Little Tokyo Service Center’s After School Program is looking for volunteers who are interested in becoming mentors for kids in their program. Click here for the listing.

Opportunity 3: Help feed homeless U.S. veterans on Earth Day (April 22nd). Volunteers are asked to bring donated food, and then help serve the homeless veterans in Downtown LA. To sign up, click here for more information.

For more ideas, check out volunteermatch.org to see some more volunteer opportunities going on in your area.

Keep in mind that many of these listings require you to be CONSISTENT, meaning you probably have to volunteer for a specific amount of hours over the course of a month. That being said, I hope that you found something interesting in some of these listings.



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