Humans of New West: Skye Davis

Skye Davis is 14 years old in 9th grade, and the co-leader of @blissful.skies on Instagram. Except, I have the pleasure of knowing her as my best friend of three years. Skye has done so many amazing things such as Model UN, Speech and Debate, Soccer, Basketball, etc… but this new hobby of hers has really taken off. I am here to broadcast Skye’s photos to the people of New West. Maybe you can find a great hobby in photography as well.

Here is an extra statement Skye wanted to broadcast to all people looking to start photography: “Last fall, I was looking for new hobbies to try.I was considering a number of things such as cooking, painting, and ,of course, photography. After thinking about what would be most interesting for myself, I decided that I wanted to try photography. However there was one problem, I didn’t have a camera. My family owned several point and shoot cameras, however we did not own a DSLR. Although I knew that a DSLR was not necessary for photography,owning one would allow me to create better images. I first began by taking a free online course that taught me the basics of ISO, Aperture, shutter speed, lighting and composition. On black friday, I purchased my Nikon D3300, which I was able to get for a great deal. Once getting my camera, I immediately began taking pictures and my passion for photography began. It took me a little while to understand the settings of my camera, but once I did, I started photographing everything. Soon, I realized that my favorite type of photography is macro. I enjoy macro because it requires me to look closely for hidden beauties that we’d normally ignore. For example, water droplets on leaves that form after rain or sprinklers can make interesting subjects. I recommend that everyone tries photography because it allows you to get creative while also having fun and seeing the world in an entirely new perspective.”

Here is Skye’s photos along with her collaborative photos with Ariella Simoni of Beverly Hills High:

DSC_0367EDIT.pngDSC_4481edit.pngDSC_5779 .png





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